What Type Of Camper Are You?

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What Type Of Camper Are You?

There are few things in this world that are as good as spending time in nature. Whether camping, fishing, hiking, cycling, skiing, or climbing Mount Everest, the pleasant sounds and sights found in the Good Outdoors are priceless. When some people think of camping, they picture relaxing under the canopies of trees and roaring camp fires. When others think of camping, flocks of mosquitoes and giant bears come to mind. For those of us in the former group, the options for camping are vast. 

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Below I will explore a few of the different types of camping.

  • Car / Tent Camping - This is one of the most popular ways to get outside under the sun and stars. You grab your gear, hop in the car and head out to your campground of choice. The space your gear takes up and weight aren't big factors since you are driving. You can pack a larger, heavier tent, and bring that nice plush sleeping bag and air mattress. Want to bring extra what-if supplies? No problem. 
  • Backpacking - So you want to try camping somewhere with less people around - backpacking allows you to do this by packing all the essential items needed in a large comfortable backpack. You can park your car and hike into a site. Multi purpose gear is a must when packing everything you need. This requires diligent planing to bring the right items based on the trip duration, weather conditions, and water/food needs. Backpacking really gets back to the basics of the nature experience.
  • RV Camping - Trailers, motor homes, and tent trailers are like "homes on wheels," allowing you to sleep, cook, eat, and even shower inside. These give you a better roof over your head than a tent and some trailers have kitchens, refrigerators, couches, and toilets. You can pack all your necessities in the trailer and keep it packed up year round for easy last minute trips. Trailers and motor homes give you the best of both worlds (home inside with nature right outside) and are great for extended trips.

      So, what type of camper are you? 

      Please leave comments and suggestions below :)

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